Student Essay Awards

First-place papers win a $200 prize; second-place, $100, compliments of The Philosophy Circle.

2013–2014 Essay Contest Winners

First Place, Philosophy

Bart L. Walker

“Keeping It Real: A Defense of Frans DeWaal”

Second Place, Philosophy

Jacob M. Schriner-Briggs

“Kantian Ethics and the Impermissibility of Placing Political Conditions On Humanitarian Aid”

Religious Studies,First Place

Abby Kulisz

“Bodily Blunders: Male Projection and the Female Body in Buddhism”

Religious Studies, Second Place

Dustin Hall

“A Discussion of Transgenderism with Buddhism”

2012-2013 Essay Contest Winners

First Place, Philosophy


“For the Right Price, Could You Patent the Sun?”

Second Place,Philosophy


“The Claims of States to Cultural Property”

First Place, Religious Studies


“Sufism and Gender: The Feminine Element in Islamic Mysticism”

Second Place, Religious Studies


“Roots of European Antisemitism”


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Abby’s essay on “Bodily Blunders” is greatly helping me write my own essay and if this somehow gets to her, I’d just like to say thank you! It will be cited in my final paper on Women in the Lotus Sutra.

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