Fall Course Offerings

Attention YSU Students…

Are you looking for an interesting upper-division elective for Fall Semester? Check these out!!!

Philosophy of the Family CRN 46691/PHIL 3713

Examines the family from philosophical, political, and historical perspectives and considers issues of justice in familial relationships. Explores the relationship among parents, children, and the state, and reviews the evolving conceptions of childhood, child well-being, and children’s rights.
Prereq: ENGL 1551 3 s.h.
(Highly recommended for Health & Human Services, Sociology and Education majors)

Philosophy of Science

CRN 44842/PHIL 3715
A philosophical consideration of some of the fundamental concepts and assumptions of the sciences: the nature of scientific knowledge; the relation of scientific to other kinds of knowledge and experience. Prereq: PHIL 2600 3 s.h.
(Highly recommended for STEM students of all disciplines)

Muslim Thinkers

CRNs 46952 & 46699 / PHIL/REL 3740
Examination of the theological, philosophical, legal, and political writings and ideas of major Muslim thinkers from the classical through the modern period, covering the continuities and differences . Prereq: Any 2600-level REL course or PHIL 2600 3 s.h.
(Highly recommended for Business, Economics, History and Political Science majors)

Islamic Culture and Literature

CRN 46700/REL 3744
Introduction to the diversity of Muslim culture and literature across the world. Emphasis on classical and premodern literature, art and architecture. Prereq: Any 2600-level REL course 3 s.h.
(Highly recommended for English, Art, History, and Sociology majors)

Prerequisite Issues or Other Questions?

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