Religious Studies

pastedgraphic1The Religious Studies program at YSU represents diverse historical and methodological perspectives.  While committed to presenting the religions of the world to our students, as a faculty we are strongly oriented to the intellectual and social challenges of contemporary culture.

A major in religious studies is available for students who desire to prepare for a career in the ministry, counseling, religious education, social work, or any field requiring a liberal arts background. Course offerings in religious studies cover a wide range of topics in religion and emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of religious phenomena and the comparative study of religions. Programs and resources also include the Pluralism Project and the Center for Islamic Studies.

The major in Religious Studies consists in 30 semester hours, as follows:

The following required courses:
REL 2201: Introduction to Religious Studies
REL 4828: Methods and Study of Religion
REL 4850: Seminar in Religious Studies
REL 4871: Senior Capstone Project

Group A (One Course)
REL 2617: Introduction to Asian Religions
REL 3708: African-American Religion
REL 3710: African and Neo-African Religion
REL 3720: Islam
REL 3726: Buddhism
REL 3742: Islamic Intellectual History
REL 3744: Islamic Culture and Literature
REL 3746: Sufism
REL 3748: Islam and the West

Group B (One Course)
REL 3722: Christianity
REL 3724: Judaism
REL 3731: Hebrew Scriptures
REL 3732: Jesus and the Gospels
REL 3733: Women and the Bible

Analytics (Select one course from two of the analytic groups)
Political Science
REL 2631: Religion and the Earth
REL 3751: Liberation Theologies and Revolutionary Change
REL 3728: Hindu Traditions
ANTH 4815:
REL 3750: Religion and Race
REL 2608: The Examined Life
REL 2621: Religion and Moral Issues
REL 3712: Philosophy of Religion
REL 3754: Feminism, Ecology and Religion
REL 3756

Full list of course offerings is contained in the curriculum sheet linked to below.

In some cases courses in philosophy or another related field may be substituted.

In addition, religious studies majors fulfill requirements in English, health sciences, social studies, science, mathematics, foreign languages, and human performance and exercise science.

Download the Religious Studies Curriculum Sheet

Individualized Curriculum Program: 

Students seeking more specialization in a learning program may investigate and apply for the Individualized Curriculum Program.

This program enables interested students to design the course of study best suited to their particular background and career goals and thereby to create alternative pathways to currently offered degrees.

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