Full-Time Faculty

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is composed of six full time faculty members with a variety of research interests:

Dr. Robyn Gaier(PhD St. Louis University): Ethics, Philosophy of Mind. Email

Dr. Michael Jerryson(PhD University of California, Santa Barbara): Michael Jerryson looks at the intersections between identity and violence as well as the ways in which we associate religious identities with peace and violence. Email

Dr. Mustansir Mir , Director of the Center for Islamic Studies (PhD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): Qur’anic Studies, Iqbal Studies Email

Dr. Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez (PhD Harvard University): Ethics, Ethics of War and Peace, Anarchy Email

Dr. Alan Tomhave (Chair) (PhD University of Missouri): Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics Email

Dr. Mark Vopat (PhD University of Western Ontario): Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Children’s Rights. Email Other places: Personal Website, Blog, Twitter: @MarkVopat


Dr. Christopher Bache (emeritus): Philosophical Implications of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Reincarnation Theory, Transpersonal Psychology, Teaching and Collective Consciousness Email

Dr. Brendan Minogue (PhD The Ohio State University) (emeritus) Email

Dr. Thomas Shipka (PhD Boston College) (emeritus) Email

Dr. Linda “Tess” Tessier (PhD Claremont Graduate School) Email

Dr. Bruce Waller, Chair (PhD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Free Will and Responsibility, Ethics, Bioethics, Philosophy and Psychology, Legal Reasoning. Email

Dr. Victor Wan-Tatah (ThD Harvard University) (emeritus) Email

Ms. Rosá Vega
Administrative Assistant
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

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  1. Donald Butler says:

    As the newly elected president of the Youngstown Torch Club, I would like to invite any interested persons from the Philosophy Dept. or any students of philosophy to our meetings that take place in Kilcawley Center every month. The first meeting of the 2015-2016 season will be Sept 21st. The schedule is: 5:30 social time…. 6 to 7 PM dinner…7:15 Discussion Time. Sept.’s topic is historical, economic and philosophic; The Nashville Experiment, 1863; how should the Market be regulated. Anyone is invited to any phase of our meeting. If you are interested, please contact me, Don Butler, at 330-856-5897
    Meetings finish by 8 to 8:15 PM. We would enjoy your company

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