Alumni Update: Sean Geizer

Recent graduate Sean Geizer is currently working at an after school academy on the south side of Seoul, South Korea. He teaches approximately 7 classes per day of 40–50 minutes each with a 5 minute break between classes. He works with elementary and middle school students after their public school lets out.

In a recent email to Bruce Waller, Sean had some very nice things to say about his experiences in our department:

My time with the department was to brief but still the cornerstone of my time at YSU. I didn’t know anything about it [philosophy] when I enrolled at YSU, but I eventually got sucked in and am glad I did. It changed my life and I am eternally grateful. Even if I weren’t preparing for graduate studies in philosophy, it has helped me teach logical fallacies in debate class for ESL Korean children, and get annoyed every time someone on TV says, “that begs the question. ..” incorrectly. If there’s ever something I can do for the department or you personally, please please please let me know.

The department wishes Sean the best of luck with his teaching in Korea and with his future graduate studies.

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