Philosophy of Science Course Offering

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies invites and encourages all students of the SCIENCES to enroll in:

Philosophy of Science

PHIL 3715 / CRN 44842

Fall Semester 2013

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00–9:50 AM

Professor: Dr. Brendan Minogue

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A philosophical consideration of some of the fundamental concepts and assumptions of the sciences: ​the nature of scientific knowledge; the relation of scientific to other kinds of knowledge and experience.
Prereq: PHIL 2600

“Philosophy of science has historically been met with mixed response from the scientific community. Though scientists often contribute to the field, many prominent scientists have felt that the practical effect on their work is limited; a popular quote attributed to physicist Richard Feynman goes, “Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds.” In response, some philosophers (e.g. Craig Callender) have pointed out that it is likely that ornithological knowledge would be of great benefit to birds, were it possible for them to possess it.” –From Wikipedia

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